Mud? What mud..

image the entrance to the horse field has had a massive area between both gates dug out and replaced with hard standing.  This has made our jobs of turning out and bringing in much easier and it has.made the horses jobs of coming in and going out much much easier.

And this week has been the first week of half term with activities on Monday Wednesday Thursday and Friday.  Monday was polocrosse and Wednesday was an accumator.  Thursday was a Mounted Games Day which Mollie ran.  She spent the morning practicing games and even included vaulting and then in the afternoon ran a competition.  There was lots of laughing and shouting in the morning and fierce competition in the afternoon.

On Saturday it snowed alot and settled. And despite this everyone managed to make it out for their lesson. By the end of the day there was about 5cm of snow. Morgan took some lovely pictures of the horses in the snow like this one of Willow and Reba..


..seriously that is how much snow fell on Saturday.

So Sunday morning we were pleased to see no more had fallen in the night as we were planning to drive to Dabbs for Mollie and Robyn to take part in the BE arena eventing competition.on Troy and Boysey. There were some great jumps included an little bridge..


Troy was absolutely in awe of the cross country jumps and unfortunately a knock down in the show jumping and a refusal or two at some of the jumps meant he certainly had a new experience.

Boysey went around the showjumping clear but left a lazy leg behind at the bridge to get 4 faults in the cross country. We reckon he just couldn’t believe that you could knock down the cross country jumps.

Both Mollie and Robyn had such a fun time they are looking to do it again.

And next week we have another half term and 3 days of activities so if you fancy an accumulator day or a play day get in touch as we still have some spaces.

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Mud? What mud..

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