As the sun shone…

..the office moved outside on Saturday..


..complete with an injured Toby recuperating after a run in with a pony.

Saturday was a bit different this week with Katie and I away for a family funeral Mollie and Beki were running the ship. Beki ran the yard and Mollie taught lessons. Actually Beki prepared two lesson plans and taught those lessons under Mollies experienced eye and learned the first lesson of teaching..

“No lesson plans survives first contact with the riders”

Beki did teach a great lesson she had to quickly adapt her lesson plan as the riders in her first lesson were clearly well ahead of where she thought. In reality this was more a result of the briefing I had left the girls than any fault in the planning. Her second lesson plan was great and was spot on for the lesson she was teaching.

Some of the newer riders hadn’t had Mollie teach them before and started the lesson slightly unsure of what to expect but by the end were converts to Mollie and I will have to work hard to live up to her when I am back teaching again. Which won’t be next week as I am going back down to Chester to take Ru to a polocrosse training camp.

And what a week of weather we have had…

Sunday was glorious and I had edinburgh uni polocrosse club out and we rode in the outdoor arena. Almost all of it has recovered so we had acres of space.

Then Monday was a another sunny but cold day with loads of lessons. The same for Tuesday and Wednesday. Sunny but cold. Then today it started snowing! Let’s see what the weekend brings.

As the sun shone…

So the Easter..

..holidays are over and our second week of Easter Activities was packed full of fun too.  We started the week with a 3 day mini camp where we rode, learned about stable management and horse care.  A session of each in the morning and a session of each in the afternoon.  Teaching my group to clean tack I grabbed Willows saddle to demonstrate on and so it’s all lovely and clean and ready to go on her back. I’m not sure she is ready for that yet though.

On the Thursday we had an own a pony day and the weather stayed fine so we managed a lovely hack in the afternoon after gymkhana games and showjumping and chocolate pairs in the morning.

And then Friday was our accumulator day with mounted games, Waterloo and showjumping competitions. The Waterloo was played in the outside arena so everyone had much more space to go faster.

And then it was back to saturday with normal lessons. The weather was unusual to say the least with glorious sunshine interspersed with hailstones. Luckily the hailstones came when is was teaching in the indoor school so the riders didn’t get terribly wet and cold.

Sunday was a busy day. Not only was it Ru’s birthday but also we had 24 members from Dalkeith and District Pony Club coming for a polocrosse taster day. We had 14 kids and 10 parents trying it out. We used 6 of our polocrosse horses and 6 ponies and borrowed as many polocrosse raquets as we could. It was hard work but great fun and we think we might have a few more converts to the great sport of polocrosse…

So the Easter..

The first..

..Easter camp and the own a pony day and polocrosse training day are over. We have had a busy week on the yard.

Camp had 15 children at it and we split into 3 riding groups. The weather was awful, wet and cold and so we scheduled riding time in the indoor school for everyone. Monday and Tuesday was working towards the gymkhana on Wednesday where we had a games competition, a showjumping competition and of course chocolate pairs. Here’s Louise in action..


So Thursday was an own a pony day and we had a great group of riders. We swapped it around and ran the gymkhana in the morning and then went out for the hack in the afternoon. We luckily missed the rain!

And Friday was a polocrosse day. The weather brightened up and I managed to get the older group in the outdoor school so we had a bit more space to ride. Mollie took the less experienced riders and rode inside. The whole day was great with real improvement.

So that brought us around to the weekend and saturday was a quiet day with lots of people off on holiday which gave us a a few spare hours. Which we needed because we were also short of saturday helpers.

And on Sunday we had another visiting Pony Club branch. Edinburgh Pony Club came up to try out polocrosse and spent Sunday afternoon learning about the rules and skills and the opportunities they had to play pony club polocrosse.

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The first..