Catching up with ourselves..

..we have just finished the Scottish polocrosse camp.  A week of fine weather, great coaches, superb food and fun fun fun.

We had 26 riders from 5 years old to 19 years old.  There was too much polocrosse and the weather too perfect for riding to go down to the river and swim.  It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold and it only seemed to rain when we weren’t wanting to ride and then the rain  was just enough to keep the ground soft.

The minis/pjs group ride in the outdoor arena.  Sarah did wonders with them.  There was a mixture of abilities from experienced players to beginners.  It was great seeing the beginners really struggling to pass the ball on the monday and then by the Wednesday launching passes to each other.

We split the cradle field in half with electric tape and at the start of the week both of the other groups rode on the flat there.  By Wednesday it was abit churned up and so Tom group went into the pony field.

The week finished off with practice chukkas in our almost full size pitch..

And even our newest puppy got involved…

And the next big polocrosse event is the pony club championships next weekend.

Catching up with ourselves..

Senior camp…

..had a Thailand feel to it on Tuesday with the temperature so high we rode early and later and went down to the river to cool down at midday….

..even Mollie joined in and then jumped in off the rocks. We have a video of her

The rain also meant we had to abandon plans to ride cross country however on the Thursday we did manage a long hack through the glorious coutryside.

The dressage tests on Friday were complicated requiring medium trot and a 5m serpentine down the long side in canter – creating the beginnings of counter canter.  We had a little practice of the complicated parts of the test on Thursday afternoon and so the riders were well equipped to produce lovely tests.

The weekend was also busy with Mollie and Beki running the yard and teaching and the rest of us in Cheshire playing and watching polocrose.   We drove down to Chester on Friday but had to dash back up the road on sunday night to get home for the start of polocrosse camp on the monday.  But more of that later.

Senior camp…

Schools out for..

…summer.  no more pencils, no more books, no more teachers – except riding teachers of course.

So the long hot summer holidays have finay arrived and whilst many people will be flying off to warmer climes, we are starting the first of our holiday activities.

So Monday we had the first happy hackers club morning where we hacked out to the brass horse at Muckhart Mill.  On the way back Mollie took the riders up the canter hill…

…and Tuesday we decided to go for a more adventurous hack – up to bella blunt and then down to Muckhart primary school, along school lane and through the golf course and then back.home.via bella.blunt again.

..and then Wednesday we went off to Lendrick Muir and had an explore through the woods and tracks.  This was where we went..

..and you can see we did quite a bit of cantering as well.  We also had to turn bak on ourselves quite a bit because there had been quite alot of trees felled and paths we used to ride were blocked.

So that’s the end of the happy hackers club.  Everybody enjoyed themselves and we did loads of Hacking and learned a bit about riding and road safety.  Next up is an own a pony day.

Schools out for..