It seems only..

..a few weeks ago that the schools broke up for the long summer holidays and already we are well and truly back at school and planning for the start of winter.

The second half of the summer holidays saw us hosting a fantastic polocrosse camp with brilliant visiting coaches.  We used this to prepare our Pony Club members for the Pony Club Champs.  But more of that later.

Mollie, Beki and Robyn once again ran a fantastic junior Pony Club Camp while the rest of us where away in the Midlands (yes more polocrosse).  The riders were introduced to dressage tests as well as learning about points of the horse and designing their own perfect stables.  All the pictures were pinned up on the wall of the Pony Club room and they are still up there looking glorious.

The Pony Club Championships were just when Kinross had gone back to school.  We travelled down to Chalmondeley Castle in Cheshire on the Wednesday and were the first polocrosse competitors to arrive.  Once we had set up camp and penned the ponies in the glorious sunshine we had an early night.  THe next day th me camping area and penning area filled up as everyone arrived.  We managed a little practice ride and some training and then a full tack check with riders.  Thursday night we decorated brow bands with ribbons.

So the competition was on Friday and started with tack checks and then the first matches.  We had one senior section two novice junior sections and a mini section. This meant that for most of the time we had two team playing at the same time.  Mollie took control of the minis and I ran the other teams.  Our first senior game was a bit close and was finally decided by golden goal (which thankfully we won).
After a fabulous two days of competition we had every one of our players on the podium. Whilst the winning isn’t the main point it was great that everyone came home to Scotland with a rosette (and several trophies).

We also had one team placed in the tack and turnout.  Helped no doubt by our fabulous quarter marks and tail plaits..

And so as the Stark say..winter is coming and we are getting as much done to make us ready.  Hamish has done a great job repairing the stables that Jazz broke.  All the doors now swing open and bolt shut.  We just need to concrete the floors now.  We took delivery of a 12 yard skip today and have started putting rubbish into it.  We will probably have a clear out of broken rugs and travel boots to clear the upstairs.  

And we are planning activities for the October holidays so keep an eye out if you come onto the yard for any activity schedules.

It seems only..

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