Busy Bees..

..before winter arrives.  We have loads of things to do before the horses come into the stables for winter.  The first thing we had to do was sort out the stables and Hamish managed to repair all the stables that Jasmine broke in only 2 days.  Its a great job bit Hamish has headed down south to Kent for 3 weeks and hasn’t fixed the new block bottom stable door.

The tack room ceiling is getting replaced and more lights putting in and we will need to put more lights up on the main yard soon as the evenings are getting darker.  In fact for the last two weeks now we have had to put the outside arena lights on for the whole of the monday 7.30 lesson!

We thought we would start a new trend on horseback.  Dabbing!  Here are a few photos of our riders dabbing whilst jumping…

We even took a video of a dressage dab!…

Now although it only seems like yesterday that everyone was go back to school we are already planning activities for the October holidays so look out for a big poster on the yard.

Busy Bees..