Benjie joined in..

..for fun at polocrosse training 2 weekends ago.  Can you spot the deliberate mistake in this photo..

And don’t worry we aren’t missing a rider.  Benjie was in the field around the arena and when we started polocrosse training he clearly felt that he should be joining in, climbed through the fence and stared trotting around with the other ponies..

And so we are back to the October holidays. It only seems like last week that we were talking about the end of the summer hols.  We have a fun packed two weeks of activities and already have had a very successful Own a Pony Day with 6 riders having a blast.  Hacking out in the morning,  pizza and chips for lunch and a gymkhana in the afternoon.

Tuesday was a quiet day with no activities on but a couple of riding lessons and then Pony Club in the evening.  It was the second of the individual showjumping leagues.  The rain has started to we decided to run an accumulator in the idor school.  Mollie and Beki put a twist in the scoring.  They had the wheel of doom set up and gave riders an extra 10 points if they managed to jump all three jumps consecutively.

So on Wednesday we started our first camp of the holidays.  Mollie and Beki did most of the work and had great success getting some of our younger riders cantering for the first time and jumping courses.  They both, however, left me and Katie the fun task of running the gymkhana in the Friday and prize giving.  Despite the awful rain the week was great fun.  We just need to repeat it this week now.

Benjie joined in..