So it would seem…

..that the work we have been doing on the drains has had an effect.  It poured down last night and the rain water running off the field and road didn’t run into the arena.  Yippee! 

So now we just need to replace the broken fence (thanks Snoop) and dig out the surface that has been corrupted and replace it.  Not the best time of year to do it but it will be great getting the arena back to full fitness.

We have also been working on the feed room.  We bought 7 metal feed bins.  4 enormous ones, 2 medium ones and a small one.

And we have filled two of the bins with our own mix of grains..

..And here’s an aerial view..

Now despite this.lovely new feedroom Mollie still went through with her plan to travel the world with Graham.  We can’t believe really that she turned down those lovely new feed bins in exchange for 8 months in New Zealand.  We have promised her that we will keep polishing them so that the shine isn’t off them when she returns to the riding stables.  And in the meantime she left her hat behind and so we have made a lively model of Mollie to remind us of her…

It’s Pole Mollie or Pollie..

So it would seem…

Winter is definately here.. as evidenced by our feedroom…

..60 bags (900kg) of hay mix to last us (hopefully) a month and today we have 400kg of bruised oats and 400kg of cooked flaked barley arriving.  The room has had a good clean out and we have just bought 6 new huge galvanised feed bins to store lots of it in.  These will be arriving next week and then the feedroom will start to look shiny.

There has been alot of machinery in our river field this year as the Rumbling Bridge Hydro scheme has been building a turbine house there and laying the water pipes to it.  The machinery is about to be pulled out and once that happens we will close off the field from the ponies, remove all the temporary fencing thats up and place 4 or 5 hay feeders alongside the new road and have Harry fill them with hay or haylage from his tractor.  This will mean that the ponies will be able to stay out in their lovely new thick rugs all winter and have plenty of forage to munch on and no need to traipse in and out of the field each day making very muddy runs.

That being said the actual temperature hasn’t dropped below 2°C in the last 24 hours and was as high as 8°C.  So the cold that we are all feeling is that dreaded “windchill”.

Pony club last night was the first of the polocrosse leagues.  We haven’t done polocrosse as a league activity for ages but everyone was keen this year.  The teams are going to change each time and every one has to ride a different pony each time so we should get a really interesting result.  We are even thinking of grading everyone and making the teams up to have similar grades.

So today is going to be a very busy day with lessons beginning at 12 and running on almost non stop until 7.30.  It’s funny but Wednesdays have always been popular and busy days.  It must be something to do with it being the middle of the week. Thursdays have historically always been quiet too. There is probably a psychology study in there somewhere.

Winter is definately here..

So the October..

..holidays are over and winter is definately in the air.  We have been posting lots of photos from the 4 day camp last week, the polocrosse day and from the showjumping day on Monday onto facebook so check them out.

And as October is nearly over we are making our final preparations for the horses to come in overnight.  Bethlehem has been power hosed with our new jetwash9000…

..we have lots of more things to get cleaned now.

The pot gully has been installed on the road side and the rain running down the road is now being directed into it and from their into a field drain.

On Monday week we had 8 cubic metres of concrete delivered and we filled in the stables in the main yard to make sure they are all level.  At the moment the stables are built around packed ground which acts as a soak away.  However this means that the ground isn’t very flat and the bumps make it harder to muck out. So this week we were 6 stables short as we wait for the concrete to go off.  We have managed to stable all but 2 of the horses overnight now that it’s November and winter has started for us.  There are two left in he field but..

We put a big rug order in for the ponies because the plan is to rug them all and leave them out.  si all the horses and oonies have 320gsm thick full neck winter rugs to keep them lovely and warm.  We now have a lovely road going down to the turbine house and so we can get hay dropped into feeders alongside the road so the ponies will be snug in their rugs and have lots of hay to eat and the road means that he field won’t get churned up delivery hay by tractor into the field.

On sunday we took the saturday helpers out showjumping to Howe.  There are loads of photos on our Instagram page.  Sadly my phone ran out of power so I didn’t get any photos of either of the teams.  Argh!

Bit I did get a photo of this…

..No its not a new way of mucking out the stables using a massive lorry mounted vacuum cleaner (although wouldn’t that be a good idea).  It a lorry pumping concrete into our stables to the bases where we used to have beaten earth under the rubber mats.  Now we have a lovely flat surface and just in time for our winter regimen starting. All the horses have started coming into the stables at night so it’s lots of lovely hay net stuffing and mucking out during the day.

So the October..