Winter is definately here.. as evidenced by our feedroom…

..60 bags (900kg) of hay mix to last us (hopefully) a month and today we have 400kg of bruised oats and 400kg of cooked flaked barley arriving.  The room has had a good clean out and we have just bought 6 new huge galvanised feed bins to store lots of it in.  These will be arriving next week and then the feedroom will start to look shiny.

There has been alot of machinery in our river field this year as the Rumbling Bridge Hydro scheme has been building a turbine house there and laying the water pipes to it.  The machinery is about to be pulled out and once that happens we will close off the field from the ponies, remove all the temporary fencing thats up and place 4 or 5 hay feeders alongside the new road and have Harry fill them with hay or haylage from his tractor.  This will mean that the ponies will be able to stay out in their lovely new thick rugs all winter and have plenty of forage to munch on and no need to traipse in and out of the field each day making very muddy runs.

That being said the actual temperature hasn’t dropped below 2°C in the last 24 hours and was as high as 8°C.  So the cold that we are all feeling is that dreaded “windchill”.

Pony club last night was the first of the polocrosse leagues.  We haven’t done polocrosse as a league activity for ages but everyone was keen this year.  The teams are going to change each time and every one has to ride a different pony each time so we should get a really interesting result.  We are even thinking of grading everyone and making the teams up to have similar grades.

So today is going to be a very busy day with lessons beginning at 12 and running on almost non stop until 7.30.  It’s funny but Wednesdays have always been popular and busy days.  It must be something to do with it being the middle of the week. Thursdays have historically always been quiet too. There is probably a psychology study in there somewhere.

Winter is definately here..

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