So it would seem…

..that the work we have been doing on the drains has had an effect.  It poured down last night and the rain water running off the field and road didn’t run into the arena.  Yippee! 

So now we just need to replace the broken fence (thanks Snoop) and dig out the surface that has been corrupted and replace it.  Not the best time of year to do it but it will be great getting the arena back to full fitness.

We have also been working on the feed room.  We bought 7 metal feed bins.  4 enormous ones, 2 medium ones and a small one.

And we have filled two of the bins with our own mix of grains..

..And here’s an aerial view..

Now despite this.lovely new feedroom Mollie still went through with her plan to travel the world with Graham.  We can’t believe really that she turned down those lovely new feed bins in exchange for 8 months in New Zealand.  We have promised her that we will keep polishing them so that the shine isn’t off them when she returns to the riding stables.  And in the meantime she left her hat behind and so we have made a lively model of Mollie to remind us of her…

It’s Pole Mollie or Pollie..

So it would seem…

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