What more can we say..

..from now on the days are getting longer and the nights shorter.

We finished our last Christmas party yesterday and so with only one day to go before Christmas day we are just getting the yard ready for our christmas eve gymkhana.  We have 17 riders coming to play on ponies.  The plan is instant win chocolate games (you win a race and you get a chocolate), a top score showjumping competition for rosettes and of course chocolate pairs.

The day is due to finish at 3pm and then it’s get all ready for Christmas day.  Ru has got the bit between his teeth and is coordinating our morning.  He reckons we can get all the yard duties done by 8.30 am and then we can spend the rest of the day doing Christmas.  We will let you kwo how that goes. 

What more can we say..

Look who visited us..

..on Saturday…

..at our first day of Christmas Parties.  This year we started the parties on Saturday and will be running them all next week until Friday.  Santa could only make it to four of the parties as he was quite busy but we were very glad to see him.  Who knew Santa could ride a horse as well as fly a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

 And in other exciting news there are only 3 days until the shortest day.  Yippee!  The days are quite dark at the moment but we know that longer days are just around the corner.

So with only 3 days to the shortest day (did I mention that) we are into the final stretch before the schools break up for Christmas.  And our holiday activities are filling up fast.  The Christmas eve gymkhana is very busy and the Own a Pony Day is full (better get the pizza in for lunch).  We have a 3 day camp between Christmas and New Year and it’s very popular too.  With all this fun stuff I am going to have to get busy making rosettes this week so that we have plenty of red.rosettes for the winners (and blues, greens, yellows, purples and oranges).

Look who visited us..

Mollie has arrived..

..in New Zealand.  She has been really enjoying doing some work at the Wellington Indoor Riding Centre which is also a NZ Pony Club Member Centre just like us.

Anyway back at home we have rehoused our hens and ducks in the dairy and they will stay their for they the next 30 days.  Hopefully the Avian Influenza in Europe won’t spread over here but if it does or ducks and hens should be ok.  The ducks have got a paddling pool to swim in. Sadly they aren’t that bothered about it which is annoying ruaridh no end.

And obviously Christmas is coming and we have a packed programme of holiday activities..

..And anyone that keeps up with our Facebook page posts will be aware that we are now able to take payments by debit and credit cards.  Unfortunately only in person, we can’t take payments over the phone.

And for the feative period we have been given a lovely yard decoration.  A big thank you to Marley for her horsey wreath…

..It is lovely and anyone visiting us over the holidays will see this as they first come onto the yard.

Mollie has arrived..