Mollie has arrived.. New Zealand.  She has been really enjoying doing some work at the Wellington Indoor Riding Centre which is also a NZ Pony Club Member Centre just like us.

Anyway back at home we have rehoused our hens and ducks in the dairy and they will stay their for they the next 30 days.  Hopefully the Avian Influenza in Europe won’t spread over here but if it does or ducks and hens should be ok.  The ducks have got a paddling pool to swim in. Sadly they aren’t that bothered about it which is annoying ruaridh no end.

And obviously Christmas is coming and we have a packed programme of holiday activities..

..And anyone that keeps up with our Facebook page posts will be aware that we are now able to take payments by debit and credit cards.  Unfortunately only in person, we can’t take payments over the phone.

And for the feative period we have been given a lovely yard decoration.  A big thank you to Marley for her horsey wreath…

..It is lovely and anyone visiting us over the holidays will see this as they first come onto the yard.

Mollie has arrived..

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