Happy New Year..

..from everyone at Over Dalkeith Stables.

We know that this is a little bit late (it being the 11th of January already) but better later than never.

So 2017 kicked off with a polocrosse day on the Wednesday and a working riders day on the Friday.  The polocrosse day was a huge success.  We even got out and played some arena chukkas at the end.

The work rider day had our riders trying their hand on some of our more novice ponies.  Majik was ridden very successfully as was Baby George,  who Freya pointed out is no baby as he is the same age as her (13).  Majik was so successful that we had him ridden on saturday and he is being used tonight as well.  Baby George may well be starting work on saturday this week as well.

And this week everyone is back at school and after school lessons are back to normal and pony club is back on again after a break for the holidays and we are all looking forward to our new years resolutions.

And today we had SNOW.  Not quite the snowmageddon that the papers threatened us with but enough to make us glad that the feeders were full of hay. Some of the ponies were happy to stand around and eat hay..

..And then some where equally happy to play around in the snow..

Happy New Year..

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