Senior Pony Club Camp.. over for another year. But what a camp it was. The weather was great so all the riding was in the field, the tents stayed up, the horses went well, and the dressage tests were (almost) all remembered.

Monday started with a light day with everybody getting into the swing of it. Obviously we had tack check, turnout check and stable check. Each morning Beki and I checked the horses, tack and stables and scored them for cleanness. And already some if the riders started to get adventurous…

Tuesday we started working on our badges. Fitness and Training. My group got the stethoscope out and learned how to listen to their horses heart rate. We also founf the pulse points on the inside of our horses knees and jaw. We measured their heart rates at rest in the morning. Then in the afternoon worjed out a 350m course in the pony fiels with 4 jumps in it and took it in turns to ride the course 3 times in 3 minutes and as soon as we had finished took the heart rates again and then after 5 10 or 15 minutes. We were looking to see which horses heart rate elevated least and which dropped down to its resting heart rate soonest. Guess which horses was the fittest out of Sploge, Snoop, Monty, Boysey, Princessa and Polo. Well here are the results…

Tuesday finished with pony club and then a camp fire as the night was clear and dry.

Wednesday we practised schooling our horses using the Scales of Training and swapped horses at the end of the flatwork session to see if we could learn anything from feeling how other riders had got their horses going. And in the aftermoon it was grids of jumps in the field to focus on keeping a line and riding a horse through jumps and finished off with a little gallop..

And wednesday evening was of course…

Thursday was a very special day. It was someones birthday. Can you guess who?

So we had birthday breakfast and then went out on a 24km hack to Dollar and back through the Ochils stopping for a picnic half way around. We had some great views..

You can see the route we took on the following two maps..

So that left Friday for dressage tests, jump cross and prizegiving. Everyone finished with big smiles and hopefully looking forward to doing it all again next year..

And so next week is the final Own a Pony Day of the holiday and then we are heading off to the Pony Club Championships with 3 polocrosse teams but more of that next week.

Senior Pony Club Camp..

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