And so the summer..

..holidays ended for us with our final Own a Pony Day. It rained most of the day and so we didn’t get out on a hack but played some fun games in the indoor school instead, ribbon snatch and fox and hound and laps. After that we ran our mounted games competition and finished just in time for a massive lunch of pizza and chips and donuts (not all at the same time). The afternoon was showjumping and prize giving. Instead of rosettes the riders won chocolate for the mounted games and earned their rosettes for the showjumping.

Not all the schools are back yet but after Monday we had to get ready for our outing to the Pony Club Championships at Chalmondeley Castle in Cheshire. We are sending down 3 polocrosse teams and so needed to make sure we had all the tack fitting and in good repair and clean and the lorries ready for our early departure Thursday morning.

All the ponies that were going stayed in Wednesday night and we set our alarms for 2.45am. By 3am we were up and out on the yard amd loading ponies and horses into 2 lorries and off to Chalmondeley Castle.

The journey down was great and we arrived by 11am where our lorry promptly broke down in the middle of the camping field. Fortunately we werr all safe and had arrived and we had roadside assistance for the lorry so we called up the nice people at SEIB and they sent a recovery van and by friday night the lorry was completely repaired.

And meanwhile i had had a mad dash to Crewe station where i had only just caught my train home and our 3 teams of players had had a hugely successful weekend winning 3rd place in the minis…

Our novice juniors came second..

And our intermediate juniors came first..

Our teams all paraded..

And everyone had a great time..

And after spending Sunday morning walking around the Pony Club Championships we had a leisurely drive home.

And so the summer..

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