Happy New Year..

..from all the horses and ponies, dogs, cats, chickens and people.

On New Years Day Mollie, Robyn and Hamish went out for a hack. Hamish rode Indie..

It was a gorgeous day and by all accounts a fab way to start the new year.

The stables are back open now. We had a great Own a Pony Day on Wednesday with loads of doughnuts. The weather, once again, was fine and everyone went our for a hack in the morning. The Saturday girls that came to help had a ride afterwards in the outdoor school. We had to put the arena lights on for them.

Thursday was a day of polocrosse. Hamish is up (see photo above) and so taught at the day. And Friday was a showjumping clinic which Mollie taught.

And so the Christmas holidays come to an end. Most schools go back Monday or Tuesday next week and the riding school is back to normal. Well as normal as it can be with all out horses, ponies, dogs, cats and chickens.

Happy New Year..

The stables are open..

..again after our Christmas break. Today we had a Christmas Gymkhana from 10am to 4pm. Diamond was in disguise today – as Rudolph the red nosed reindeer..

The day went really well, with mounted games in the morning. We finished that a bit early and so played laps a bit as well.

In the afternoon we had a jumping competition and chocolate pairs and because we had some time left we played laps with jumps set up at A and C so as well as chasing the other team everyone had to also jump the ponies.

After the day we had one evening lesson from 5.30 to 6.30. Lessons are now on until Saturday at 6pm. Then we don’t have lessons on Monday or Tuesday but it you want a riding fix I am sure we can fund you a lesson on Saturday if you give us a text or Facebook message.

Hamish has come back from Kent for the holidays and is going to be teaching at the polocrosse day. There are still some spaces and horses available so if you fancy being coached by one of the UK open team then get in touch and book a space.

The stables are open..

Guess who’s on the..

..naughty list this year.

Yes, you guessed right. McLennon! But why everyone shouts. He is such a cuddly cuddy.

Well, he is, but today he spent every chance he could knocking down the bending poles when his jockey was trying to do something. Like put Santa on the pole or take a jingle stocking off.

It’s definately coals in his stocking this year.

So the last of the Christmas parties happened today and we are now closed until after Christmas. To find out our opening times check out the website and download the activity sheet which will show what days we are closed.

The ponies are looking forward to 3 or 4 days holiday. Hopefully they will be refreshed and happy when we start up again on the 27th Dec.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Guess who’s on the..

So that’s it..

..the shortest day of 2018 has passed and now we have longer days and shorter nights to look forward to.

We didn’t have a Beltane fire on the yard tonight as we just didn’t have time given how short the day was and how much work had to be squeezed into it. But if we had it would have looked like this..

So what we did have today is more mounted Christmas parties. And tomorrow is our last day of lessons before we break for Christmas.

Heres a photo of another one of our ponies dressed up in his party gear.

In the new year we think we might create photo galleries for every one of our ponies on the website, where we can show action shots like this.

Today the yard work was made easier by Garry, John and Rob who came down in the morning and helped with the mucking out. Given we are one person down (Shaun being unable to do yard work at the moment), it was a big help for Mollie, Beki and Katie

Actually a big thanks to Garry who has been coming and helping on the yard every morning. He is definately on Santa’s nice list.

So that’s it..

Mouse the wonderdog..

..helped catch the naughty Shetlands tonight.

So every single pony had been caught and brought in except for the 3 naughty Shetlands who were stood in the middle of the field on the other side of a very muddy puddle refusing to come in. So Mollie sent Mouse into the field and she ran around the back of the ponies and sat. When Mollie shouted “bark” she barked at the ponies and made them move. If they moved away from the gate she ran around and herded them back together and slowly but surely herded them to Katie and Mollie at the gate. Given Katie has a hole in one welly and Mollie has a hole in both, she saved them both 3 wet feet and ruined socks. What a star! We had an activity day today and so everyone was working hard and Mouse definately pulled her weight.

There’s only 5 nights until Christmas morning and we are well into our Christmas parties. All the ponies are happy being decorated with tinsel. Boysey wore his at a rakish angle tonight.

Looking every bit the horse displaying beauty without vanity.

The Christmas parties are helped along with our new party rocker, complete with a fabulous light display..

Mouse the wonderdog..

It was a serious case of…

…tinsellitis last night.

With all the ponies decorated for a mounted Christmas party. And afterwards at pony club the juniors caught the bug too.

And they have come down with it just a week before Christmas!

With only 7 sleeps to Christmas, Sally got very excited and decided to play the naughty games in the party. Freya rode her really well but she was so naughty that Charm had to join the party and take over from her. We think that there is a strong risk that Sally is on Santa’s naughty list, so it will be coals in her stocking for her if she doesn’t start behaving herself.

The rest of the party went really well and lots of chocolate was eaten. Santa’s sleigh got stuck in a snow drift and the riders became the Elf RAC and rescued him. All the riders carried Santa’s Christmas trees on their heads! And we decorated two elves with baubles.

At Pony Club we played Waterloo. Everyone had loads of riding and the ponies all behaved themselves beautifully.

It was a serious case of…

Oh My Goodness…

..It’s been ages since we wrote anything on our blog. So sorry dear reader. We are hoping you didn’t just think we had stopped teaching. Our new years resolution is to do better.

The year since last summer (2017) has flown by with lessons and activities and polocrosse. We have done far too much to even hope to give you a big recap. So lets just start from now shall we.

We hired a mini digger on Friday and Rebecca proved to be a dab hand at it. She levelled the indoor school and dug out all the corners…

The arena now feels much bigger. All Our riders are now being “encouraged” to ride into the corners so we don’t start building up the edges and corners again.

Other news we want to share…

..Christmas is coming and we have a whole list of activities if you want a holiday riding fix. There are still some spaces on the Own a Pony Days, the Gymkhana and the Polocrosse Day.

..we have been rebuilding our website. Many of the photos are out of date and lots of the information is out of date. So we have updated the content and the look of it and it has just gone live so why not take a look at it by clicking here. We have some fabulous pictures of our riding school ponies. We are sure you will love them.

Oh My Goodness…